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Serving Broward, Palm Beach,
and Miami-Dade Counties.

Tree Amigos Growers is an organic home garden center that grows edible, flowering, and medicinal plants. We are a resource for organic garden soil, amendments (enhancers), fertilizers, tools, pest control, and other home gardening materials.

Additionally, we host DIY workshop events and are available to help you with your garden design and installation. Through our shared knowledge and experience of growing organic food in South Florida, we empower our customers to successfully grow and maintain their own home gardens.

As local growers, we carefully select seeds for South Florida’s sub-tropical growing conditions, ensuring your home garden yields a great harvest. In our commitment to sustainability, we use organic practices as a minimum standard.

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Customer Reviews

We believe that our customers are the key to creating a more sustainable local food system. By treating our customers with love, respect, and appreciation, we can continue to build connections towards a more unified and organized local farming community.

  • "If you want high-quality plants grown by people who know their stuff, this is the place."

    Cynthia Schaefer Facebook
  • "These guys have helped me sooooooo much with my garden. They are full of knowledge and take the time to help you and are just so friendly... It's a hidden gem."

    Riki B Google
  • "I would readily recommend Tree Amigos to anyone who is looking to start growing unique edible plants and is seeking positive, helpful advice."

    Patrick Hunt Google
  • "Highly recommend Tree Amigos, whether you are a seasoned veteran to gardening or a rookie trying to set up their first garden on their apartment balcony."

    Medardo A. Cevallos Google
  • "These guys are a wealth of knowledge and are helping me build my garden. My plants are doing better than ever due to the organic fertilizer they recommended.

    Sabrina Romero Facebook
  • "Great seasonal selection, casual atmosphere, honest intelligent advice, and fair prices. What more could you ask for?"

    Nicolas Ickovic Facebook