South Florida Planting Calendar

The most extensive planting calendar available for South Florida.

  • Created from over 15 years combined organic farm management in South Florida.
  • Over 200 plants throughout the entire 12 months.
  • Plants include Vegetables, Culinary Herbs, Medicinal Herbs, Flowers, and Specialty fruits (not including fruit trees).
  • Annual plants (plant every year) and perennial plants (lives for more than 3 years).
  • Calendars are emailed and updated monthly for accuracy.
  • South Florida climate zone 10a – zone 10b (zone 9a-9b can use this as a suggestion).
  • Temperature, daylength, humidity and pests all play a role on succesfull planting seasons.
  • All plants listed in Monthly Calendar can be planted outdoors during that month.

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One major key for you to have a successful garden, is knowing what to plant during which season.

This means, if you try following the rest of the country’s planting time you are garden will probably fail

Finally, you can stop guessing. We’ve done the hard work for you.